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We believe that health is a result of right choices which include using natural food and products as God designed. Our mission is to help families discover affordable healthy choices, bringing hope to those suffering in a failing health system. Our products are chosen carefully to make sure the ingredients are natural, safe and effective. The manufacturers we choose are ones who have good business practices, treating employees and animals with integrity.

Nature’s Warehouse began as a small store on the front porch of a growing family of seven children. With a large family and a small income, it was difficult to find natural products we (Daniel and Cari) could afford. When we bought in bulk, we could sell what we had to other families. When our daughter wanted something to do, we let her take initiative to develop the business. She organized the products, created black/white one-liner catalogs and our first website called She also put in some ads in a few magazines and the orders started coming in steadily. As a young adult, her heart was to be in ministry, so when she left, Cari wondered who would take up the mantel. We sensed from God to ask our 14-year-old son if he would like to work in developing it. He was eager to put his all into it with the vision he had in his heart. With his dreams and gaining ideas from experts, he sent the catalog to even more addresses and soon there were more interested in buying natural products for their families. Then he added articles to the catalog, which excited customers even more. We built a warehouse next to our home, but soon even that was too small and we moved into a small town called Philadelphia, NY, where the warehouse is currently located.

Due to the growing need to have a shopping presence online, we recently revamped our website ( for a smoother shopping experience. As parents of a large family, we know the dangers of the online world, so we endeavor to keep it safe for your children. We added a Kid's Corner with educational games and coloring pictures centered on living healthy naturally.

We are glad for new opportunities to interact with our customers through our Living Healthy Community in real time on our Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. 

We also offer same-day shipping if ordered before 2 p.m. Monday - Friday and Free Shipping on orders of $24.95 or more. We send all orders via Priority Mail so you can receive your products in 3 business days or less.

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